Friday, August 12, 2011

Should I Just Take a Whores Bath?

Dear Stupid Ass Questions:  As you know times are tough so I'm trying to save money.  Do you think I could cut my showers down to once a week? I could just pick up deodorant when it's on sale? A stick goes a long way if you use it sparingly. Or should I just take a whores bath?

There are many ways to save money-- but cutting down on water usage(which is only 2 cents a gallon) should be put on the back burner. Items like food, clothing, housing and transportation area the areas where most people "over spend". The average person throws away $500 worth of food per year. Find a decent sized apartment complex and you could eat for free just by dumpster diving! Good Will has some great deals on clothing in their store-- but even better deals in the collection center where you can nab items for free! Just be sure and black out the security camera with spray paint and you're good to go! And forget about this whole "Buy a house or rent an apartment" crap-- rent storage unit for $40-$50 a month and crash there! It's comfy and quiet and with the proper usage of mouse traps, can stay quite clean. As for transportation, I got so sick of the high price of gas that I just push my car every where I go! I do start it up once a week for a couple minutes just to make sure everything is still running smooth and have calculated that I now get 42,618 miles per gallon!
I hope my tips will help you, and everyone else reading this drivle, save some serious coin-- and that we all someday figger out WTF a "Whore's bath" is exactly. Guess I'll head to the bar next door and see If I can't pick one up for some "Field research".

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