Friday, August 26, 2011

Office Whistle Blower by Bob Kitson

Bob Kitson

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I just got a new job and my boss keeps saying how I productive I am. I feel like maybe I should have started off slower so she wouldn’t expect so much. There is a new position opening up at a different place. Should I apply for that job & when I get it not try so hard so that any little thing I do there they’ll think I’m great? 
BOB: I find that working hard is always a quick way to get screwed over at work. First off the slouches that were already there get all testy and start talking crap. The boss always finds a way to suck you into doing way more work than you are getting paid to do. So this is my advice….. When you get a new job make friends with the click that is in good with the boss. Once you are in collect evidence on how bad they are as employees and how they still keep their jobs. Then go above the boss and present how screwed up things are and let them know that if you were in charge things would be ship shape.  Then enjoy your new cushy position as boss.

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