Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Credit Cat Fraud by Rose A Valenta

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I was at work yesterday and tried to put my credit card into the floppy drive and pulled it out very quickly.... I was shopping on the Internet and they kept asking for a credit card number, so I was using the ATM "thingy."  Why wouldn't they accept my payment?

ROSE: You should have scanned it with the little red light on the bottom of your mouse. My cat figured that one out a few weeks ago and racked up my credit card by about $300.00 at PetCo on salmon flavored Temptations and catnip toys. She also signed up for a dating service, I never even knew there was a feline dating service, till I started getting poked by someone named “South Paw” on Facebook. He left his stalking paw prints all over my Twitter account too.

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Anonymous said...

That explains the crazy ass charges for gourmet catnip and Swarovski crystal pet collars on my Mastercard bill, not to mention the hairballs on my keyboard. Thanks for your investigative expertise.