Thursday, August 11, 2011

Should I Wash with the Clorox?

Dear Stupid Ass Questions:
I recently stayed at my friends house for the weekend.
She told me that everything was in the bathroom for
me to take a shower before I went to bed.
When I got in the shower there was a bottle of Clorox
in the soap dish instead of soap. Was she trying to tell
me something and if so what do you think it was?

MARV: I believe she was telling you that you are a dirty, filthy, diseased, stupid ass human being and wanted you to scrub that shower down after using it with all your might so that she didn't catch what ever social miscue you've picked up over your years of camping out at other people's houses. However, being a dirty, filthy, diseased, stupid ass human being myself, I can see that she left out another important disinfectant that my friends always leave for me in the shower besides bleach-- AMMONIA!! They all INSIST that I mix up a big ole bucket of it, close the bathroom door tight (one of my friends wanted me to duct tape the cracks around it for some reason?) and scour that shower clean! It makes me a little woozy, but boy does it do the trick!

DISCLAIMER!!! Do not EVER mix bleach and ammonia!!! It will create a cyanide type gas that will kill you and was merely stated for comedic purposes-- unless you are a stupid ass of course, then by all means, get out of the gene pool immediately!

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