Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dugers vs Amish? by Gisele Noel

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: The other day as I left the grocery store I noticed an amish taxi wagon with a yellow triangle on the back. I had lots of groceries so I decided to hitch a ride. When the guy turned around I said 26 Elm Street please. He said, “this aint no taxi cab.”, but took me home anyway. When I got home I gave him a chicken. He seemed unhappy. Did I under pay him? Should I have given him a dozen eggs as well? He only took me 4 blocks.

Gisele: Dear Jim Bob Duggar, I know you're stretched thin, but a chicken is hardly enough compensation to haul 20+ people even just 4 blocks.  Next time I suggest you at least offer the nice Amish man a kid or two so he can have free child labor for his farm too.  Just watch your back because I heard the Amish were looking to score a quilt making show on TLC next season. 

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