Thursday, May 3, 2012

WAHHHHHHHHHHH! by Kenny Colgin

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: When I babysit my sisters baby I find the things my sister does with him aren't right. Like, feeding him when he cries. Would it be ok if I let him cry for an hour before I feed him? I dont want him to grow up thinking that crying equates to food.

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Kenny: Man, this reminds me exactly how my two sisters behaved when the first one had her baby and the other one would babysit. Pffft, please tell me you aren't like those two were and are angry you couldn't be the, "first baby factory ", between the two of you. Seriously, if you're all bent out of shape because,"she's 13 and I'm 14, and, blah, blah, blah,". Well, the important focus right now is the nourishment and nurture of this aforementioned child. Listen, these babies aren't born with, THE ABILITY TO SPEAK! Crying is really all they've got. That's how they communicate. WAH!!!!, (I need to eat), WAH (Oops, I just pooped) WAH (Turn it to Nickleodeon), catch my drift? Settle down, you'll be fine, as will the child. Presuming you don't extend the intervals between feedings. Ending on a Happy Meal note though. Crying most certainly does equate with food. Wait til you start running around with this, food inhaling monster, yeah, if that child don't get food you better believe there will be crying! God, that's all these kids want to do is eat! They'll started eating the roof off the house! And on and on it goes. Enjoy the next 18 years.

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