Wednesday, May 23, 2012

KISSIN' COUSINS by Joseph Conklin

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: "How come you can use a potato peeler on carrots but you can't date your first cousin?"

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Joseph: Dear Stupid Ass Questioner, I agree.  Not being able to date your cousin above the Mason Dixon Line makes absolutely no sense what so ever! If it’s good enough for the Appalachian population it’s good enough for city folk like you and me.  And let’s be honest people – we’ve all been at that family reunion and had a first cousin that was just bangin, right? I mean, bangin. And it’s not like you’re a pervert or anything because you’re trying to do the right thing and date her first.  You are not only being a decent suitor, but at the same time you’re looking out for your cousin’s well being. It just makes not a lick of sense why it ain’t approved of though…it’s fine by me as long as you’re cousin ain’t a boy too. On the other hand, people who use potato peelers on carrots are clearly morons because it says potato right in the name, duh. 

You’re Welcome

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