Thursday, May 24, 2012

O-BAM-A- CARE by Joseph Conklin

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: "If restaurant employees must wash their hands before returning to work how come you never see that sign at the doctor's office?"

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Joseph: Dear Stupid Ass Questioner, Glad You asked! It’s all a matter of the fact that Doctors wear gloves. You see, this is a matter that’s at the very core of the fight for Obamacare.  Once Doctors take off their gloves they shouldn’t be held legally accountable for any “accidental” malpractice suits because technically it wasn’t them touching you it was the gloves and once the gloves are off – they are off! People sue, lawyers tie up the court system and this costs the average Tax payer a lot of money on top of already paying for people without insurance getting mistreated for ailments they didn’t pay in advance for…its all very technical, but Obamacare simplifies it with a tax called Obamacare that forces tax payers to buy insurance or face a fine, thus having you already pay for the malpractice suit. Then the employees who serve you food and don’t wash their hands get you sick, then the cycle repeats itself. The other reason could be that Doctors don’t serve you food, but that makes way too much sense.
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