Monday, May 7, 2012

SKINNY WEINER by Alexandra Rosas

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I recently took my dachsund, Pete Ragú, to The Vet for a checkup, and he said that little Pete was overweight & needed to go on a diet.  Only 4 pounds, but that is 18% of his total weight. Having this dog has been my every thought since.  I bought special diet food, no more treats before dinner, and, there has been lots of exercise instead of watching his favorite show "The Dog Whisperer" Do you think it's possible to give a dog an eating disorder?

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Alexandra: Pete's Owner: Reading a question like this brings out the Wisconsin in me. Which is to say, I have to echo your question back before I can answer it. Can you give your dog an eating disorder? Well, Little Pete's owner, it's my thought that you can't, air quotes give your dog an eating disorder, but you are in charge of his environment. I mean, he's not opening up the doggie snack cabinet on his own, right? Yes, you are responsible for his 18 percent overweightness and his lack of exercise. You've started on the right track: special diet food, no treats before dinner, and exercise. Dogs are smaller than people, the weight will come off slowly. Picture Little Pete as a 300 pound man who has to lose 60 pounds. No small feat. But I can feel your love for this soon to be doggie that will live up to his name, and you and Little Pete will do all right. 


Tom Ragú said...

Thank you for posting my question about my little buddy the adorable Pete Ragú. Little Pete is not a dachsund, though. He is a York-chon Terrier designer breed. And he is my best little buddy. So thank you ... By the way, he has already lost 2 pounds - so we are halfway there!
Check out Pete:
Tom Ragú

The Empress said...

YAY for you and your little weiner*cough*dog.


Anna Lefler said...

That's it - I'm bringing all my dog (and weiner) questions to you from now on, Alexandra.



The Empress said...


Whoda guessed in my middle age: small weiner expert.