Thursday, May 17, 2012


Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I just learned that our president is going to start taking half my money and sharing it with others like those who slack off. Would it be wrong of me if I stopped working and let others share their money with me? I figure why work so hard if someone else can do it.

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Ben: From your mouth to Robin Hood’s…errr…I mean Obama’s ears.  Why work hard to increase your wealth, when you can just beggar thy neighbor and take their money?  However, there is a major fallacy in this logic.  When the government takes/taxes your income, most of it actually never makes it to the poor.  Some of the taxes are used to pay for the air travel, security, TV airtime, congressional salaries, etc. it costs to campaign for/against the new tax legislation.  Let’s also not forget about the new tax breaks that are handed out to supporters of the political winners.  Then, there is also the cost of the administration of the new tax funds.  Thus, there’s nothing wrong with quitting your job, but be ready to downsize your home to a Maytag box and start looking for choice garbage cans for your next meal.

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Anonymous said...

Yes it would be wrong of you to stop working and let someone else share their money with you. The way time are now. Who wanna spend their hard earn money on someone who is able to work and want work? Are you handicap? Do you have some reason why you should stop working other than what you said? Well are you a child? Are you grown? Are you a dependent? I would not share my hard earn money with you. If you are able to work then go to work.Don't quit your job cause you want other people to take care of you.I don't know where they do that at.Man I work to hard to let my money be shared with other people.I have bills to pay. I think you should keep your day or night job. I don't know nobody who is willing to take care of somebody who is able to work and wanna quit so that other people can take care of them. Where do they do that at? Please let me know.I wish you the best at your request.