Monday, May 14, 2012


Dear Stupid Ass Questions: While in my back yard the other day I noticed that the wheels of my wheelchair made interesting circles. Very similar to those that look like crop circles. Do you think I could create a crop circle in my yard and charge admission to see it? I mean who would suspect a wheelchair bound person to fake a crop circle and I’m English.

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Benson: Way to take advantage of your unfortunate circumstances!  Not only are you wheelchair stricken, but you’re an Englishman, as well.  Despite your undoubtedly crooked teeth and taste for bland food and chubby women, you have decided to embrace the most American of vices - Capitalism.  As your neighbor from ‘across the pond’, I applaud your attempt at bamboozling those even dumber than yourself.  After all, that is how wealth, and the banking system was created in ‘The Colonies’.  So by all means, do keep travelling in those ‘Stupid Ass’ crop circles and feel free to charge admission to those more ‘Stupid Assed’ than yourself.  

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