Monday, April 1, 2013

DUMBING IT DOWN by Katie Schwartz

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I just got a new job and my boss keeps saying how I productive I am. I feel like maybe I should have started off slower so she wouldn’t expect so much. There is a new position opening up at a different place. Should I apply for that job & when I get it not try so hard so that any little thing I do there they’ll think I’m great?

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KATIE: I love this bit, “My boss keeps saying how I productive I am.” Lots of clarity there! Do you frequently send office memos? I’d love to take a peek at one or two. Do you read the news? Of course, you do. Evidently, all the shlockonomy stories have a strikethrough; otherwise you wouldn’t assume that you’re getting the job simply by applying. Why, if everyone had that attitude, nobody would go hungry or homeless! Well, not everyone. I don’t think it’s possible to dumb down your abilities. For kicks, let’s say you tried; do you know what “expendable” means? Here’s the definition from, “considered to be not worth keeping or maintaining.” Hmm… now, what do we think? 

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