Wednesday, April 17, 2013

RAT! by Kenny Colgin


Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I love going out to eat but hate how expensive it is. I have been bringing a dead fly with me & placing it in my food at the very end of the meal. They feel bad so they comp my meal. This has worked out so well that I was thinking of bringing a dead rat and putting it under my steak. If the fly gets me a free meal maybe the rat could get me a few thousand bucks from a lawsuit. What do you think? 

Size DOES matter so click picture to enlarge

Kenny: Mercy!!! Here's the facts Big Mac. NORMAL people wouldn't be caught dead carrying a dead fly or a rat in their pants! Nope. We carry money. We pay for our food.My word, between you and my Grandmother I don't know who's worse. No wonder a cup of soup or a tuna melt costs an arm and a leg these days. My advice to you, get a job at one of those places you've been ripping off. They'll feed ya'. FREE!!!!!! I see you out somewhere pulling your tricks well,,,, You're headed to Food Court and you're going down. Bon a petit!!

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