Friday, April 19, 2013



Dear Stupid Ass Questions, I got an email the other day about earning thousands of dollars by working from home? It sounds so great & I’d love to get back to work again after having no job for a year. All I have to do to get started is send them a one-time fee of a thousand dollars & they'll send me information on how to do it. My question is should I send a check, use my credit card, or money order? I can’t understand why more people don’t do this.

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Kenny: Oh man this is embarrassing. You've tracked me down. Wouldn't stop until you publicly discredited me huh? Listen. I know you're bored. I know I never call or visit. I also know you've cut me out of the will! (your cat, Mignon, emailed me.) Who feeds their cat rich food like that anyway? Point is I'm sorry Grandma. I mean it this time. I am also, at the time of this writing, as poor as a church mouse. Stone cold busted Betty. Tapped out. No bread. My email to you was a desperate grandbaby's last ditch effort at grabbing that brass ring. I understand your disgust with me and I promise it won't happen again. (I don't know how you figured out is was me though. You're 3/4's senile.). Oh well, it was free to ask. Say, before I let you go though, let me ask you a couple of questions. First, can you leave the cat door unlocked for a change? (I've lost a bunch of weight since I've been poor and think I can squeeze through it now.) Second, what time does your beloved, Mignon, eat dinner?


Anonymous said...
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Barb Best said...

Funny! Be nice to Mignon and maybe she'll share her kibbles. Cats rule.