Thursday, April 18, 2013

ITS A FRUIT RIGHT? by Kenny Colgin


Dear Stupid Ass Questions: Ever since I went on a diet this morning I'm starving.  Is it ok for me to eat a loaf of hot homemade banana bread with melted butter?  I will be using low fat butter and the bread will have bananas in the mix so I will be getting my fruit right?

Size DOES matter so click picture to enlarge

Kenny: I love fresh from the oven banana bread! At the risk of losing my job here at, StupidAss Questions, I would encourage you to quit worrying about your weight and join up with myself and legions of other like minded folks. I worry about my job only because they're all health nuts around here. Why ,I saw the boss just this morning eating the bark off a tree out front. Odd I know. She was scraping it off the tree with her fist! But I digress. My point is being over weight isn't the worst that could happen to you. Heck No!!!!!!! Think of the upside. You can eat whatever you want!!! Whenever you want!!! Sounds cool huh? Thought you'd like that idea.My curly , little tail is wiggling just thinking about you joining up with us. My advice to you is buy more bananas, more flour, etc. and can you grab some chocolate chips as well to throw in there ?Bake, baby Bake! I'll take all your contact info off line and we'll get you signed up for an experience you'll never forget my food-addicted-screw skinny people-new friend. (P.S.,,, we're not a cult or a gang.) We're a club.

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