Friday, November 22, 2013

DIDN'T SEE THAT COMIN.... did ya? by Joseph Conklin

Dear Stupid Ass Questions & Joseph, I’m addicted to all things psychic. Ya know, psychic hot lines, psychic fairs, psychic books. Its gotten costly and at times I can’t feed my kids. Are there rehabs for people like me or should I open my own psychic hotline to pay for my habit. Sometimes I know things so maybe I AM psychic.

Size DOES matter so click picture to enlarge

Joseph: Then you already know what I'm gonna say about rehabs for you... but what you may not have known was orange laser-tag Neil Armstrong Tasmanian devil Voltron! Ha! Didn't see that coming did you!  Seriously get help, you have kids whats wrong with you, your true priority should be THUNDERCATS! Ha, didn't see that one coming either did you!  If you did, call me now.

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