Monday, August 6, 2012

JELLY BELLY by Gisele Noel

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I’m a vegetarian who heard that beans are really good for your diet and help you to lose weight. So after Easter I purchased a bunch of discounted jelly beans and have been eating them non stop, but am gaining weight... what is wrong?

Size does matter so click picture to enlarge
GISELE: Nice try Val Kilmer, but you are what you eat.  So even if you buy Jelly Bellys on sale, after a few years you’re going to get a gooey gut.  To get your figure back, try switching to Hot Tamales & call me when you can do a sit-up again.

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Barb Best said...

Great advice! Also try Milk Duds - you're guaranteed to cut calories 'cause half the box stays stuck in your teeth.