Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ARTSEY FARTSEY by Julie Kitayama

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: Art is my passion, my soul, and my one true love. However, after submitting to an art show I received a note back saying that it looked like a preschooler drew it.  What do you think they meant? I’ve seen some pretty good work by preschoolers. Should I write back and thank them?

Size DOES matter so click picture to enlarge

JULIE: Being called a preschooler could be considered quite a compliment.  Preschoolers are fresh and wholesome, honest and simple.  Preschoolers have yet to become jaded by life's difficulties and disappointments.  I often call my sweetheart a preschooler, usually after he farts and laughs uncontrollably for several minutes.  Your art must be of the most naive and innocent type to be considered pre-schoolish.  Maybe this is the not only the beginning of your art career but perhaps and entire movement of juvenile art.  Remember the Dada movement?  That was started when a painting was said to look like a father painted it.   As an artist you can't let reviews taint your dream. After all many artists' talents are not truly recognized until well after they are dead.  El Greco's work was considered ridiculous during his life.  One of the most widely known painters, Vincent van Gogh died penniless, an ear short of sane and virtually unknown in the art world. The famous poet Emily Dickenson had only 7 of her almost two thousand poems published before her death.  Sure she locked herself in the house for most of her life and like Van Gogh was considered a bit mad, but don't let poor mental health stop you.  You must pursue your passion at any cost. And no you do not need to send a thank you note.  Although you could dedicate your next scribble to the critic and hope that one day, after you are long gone, that it is worth more that he can afford.  

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