Friday, August 31, 2012

BROKEN BUT NOT DOWN by Julie Kitayama

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I fell down my stairs and broke my leg. I really want to sit out in the sun but once I get outside I can’t get back up the stairs. Should I just sleep outside?

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JULIE: It is a summer time and a shame that you'd have to miss most of it stuck inside with a broken leg.  Sleeping outside has its merits but downfalls too.  If you are going to spend the next month or so living outside you have to have the right equipment.  You'll need a tent and unless you live in the dessert and your yard is full of sand, you'll want to have an air mattress.  Dirt is hard.  Renting a port-o-potty is essential.  That costs about $137 a day.  Do you have that extra money?  You'll also need a generator to charge you cell phone which you'll need to call the pizza shop to have all your meals delivered. Perhaps you could get a small refrigerator and have your local grocery shop deliver some groceries.  Keep that in the tent in case it rains.  There is also the insect issue to contend with.  Your leg must be pretty itchy with that cast on it.  If a mosquito were to get down there you'd be in trouble so repellent is essential.  

Sleeping outside isn't your only option.  You can get some sun while enjoying the comforts of your home.  All you need to do is have large sky lights installed in each room of your house.  You'll be able to bask in the sun all day long while watching, “As the World Turns”. Of course as the world does turn you will have to head into other rooms to follow the sun, but at least you won't be stuck down stairs. I know a contractor if you need one.  

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