Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ART HURTS by Joel Richardson

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I need your advice. So I invite a few old friends from back in the day over. They were part of my Tribe when I was way young. I offer them a painting each, of mine, and begin to sign the back for them, but none of them want to take their piece home with them this night. Should I be insulted? Should I take offense and not offer them the paintings? Am I like an art delivery service that should bring it to them? Two of them don't even live in NYC? What is up? Signed, Plucked in NYC

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Joel: YES! Your friends are insulting you. But many of your friends are a bunch of followers and if one person said they weren't taking it home, they all followed suit. It's even worse that you signed the back. Dig the knife a little bit further into your back. That hurts. Good thing they are friends from back in the day, do you have new friends yet?

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