Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MASTER BASTER by Christian Saslo

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I just read in a magazine while waiting in my gynocologist office about a woman who inseminated herself using a turkey baster & her gay friend’s sperm. I really want a child but can’t afford what the doctor would charge. My question is two fold. One, is gay sperm better than hetero sperm and two can I use the turkey baster after for our thanksgiving turkey?

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Christian: Dear Stupid Ass, Some may not believe me, but I don’t care.  I honestly was raised by two men.  My biological father truly is gay, and I turned out to be a right winged, evangelical, Christian, republican who does stand up comedy and tricks for cash (magician) while staying up late watching fox news, so… I’m “pro-homo.”  As far as the turkey baster goes, I say “pass me some dark meat, yum yum.”

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