Thursday, January 12, 2012

BEEFCAKE? by Christian Saslo

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: My husband just found out he has high blood pressure & was told to loose weight. I don’t know how to cook so well so I started watching Paula Deen on the food network. Mostly because my husband says she’s gotta be the best chef  he ever saw and if I loved him I’d help him. So I started using her southern fried foods along with her doughnut hamburger. He said I cook great. But last visit he had gained another 25 lbs. Am I cooking it wrong? 
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Christian: Dear Stupid Ass,What do doctors know, the worlds heaviest man weighed in at 1225 pounds, now that’s a goal!  Double all the sugar, butter, and breading in Deen’s recipes and get that boy on “Weight Gain 4000!”  Get him a tight tank top that says “BEEFCAKE,” and he’s sure to be featured in one of those “freaks of Wal-Mart” emails soon

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