Monday, January 9, 2012

HOOT MON by Christian Saslo

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: My local grocery store is running a sale on liver at a dime a pound, with no limits. They do this once a year to bring in business. Should I buy 2 cartfuls and make my family eat it for the next 3 months? Actually, I find liver disgusting but at that price I’ll save enough money to buy myself flank steak and make my family eat the liver. Do you know any good liver recipes?

Christian: Dear Stupid Ass, Ahh Liver, when cooking, it smells like the arm pit of a sweaty Samoan man. Don’t fall prey to the propaganda of the “Big Liver” corporations my friend.  Instead try “Haggis.” It’s a tasty treat, made of sheep viscera minced with oatmeal, suet, and onions; and boiled in the animal's stomach.  This is sure to be a big hit with the family and is vegan friendly. Bon Appetite.

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