Friday, January 27, 2012

IN THE DARK by Joel Richardson

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I have always wanted to be a dentist, but, lack the funds. My brother works for a mortician and said I could practice on the corpses’ at night. He said he would sneak me in but I would have to keep the lights off so as not to disturb folks. I’m a little leary of his offer because I am afraid of the dark. Do you think I would get better lighting with a flashlight or a lantern?

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Joel: I think you should find other ways to pursue your dreams. If you were in a horse race, you'd be the long shot. Working in the dark is the least of your problems. Your brother is a kind person, but sounds like you both lack intelligence. If a flashlight or lantern is your question at hand, shouldn't you be thinking twice about dentist school?  Just saying.....

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