Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I got hurt on the job but don’t feel like going to the Dr. because they are so expensive. My sister is a vet and offered to x-ray me and put me on painkillers for dogs. Do you think I have to pay her for this? 

LOGAN LEE: Well there’s a fantastic thing called workers compensation which means that if you get hurt at work, even if it’s your fault, they have to pay for your doctor and medication! I suggest going to see a human doctor since they are more capable of addressing your needs, especially if it relates to your tail or snout. You’ll also avoid a mandatory neutering! 
If you decide to use your vet sister as your primary care physician you will not be required to pay her for her services. It would be illegal for her to practice medicine on a human and according to Ms. Manners you are not required to pay back ally doctors for their services and may even blackmail them for future free procedures! Make sure she puts those bows behind your ears!

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