Friday, November 4, 2011


Dear Stupid Ass Questions: If I park in a 20 minute parking spot and I am there more then 20 minutes, will the 20-minute parking police come and get me??
Nick: Yes, but fortunately 20-minute meter maids are fewer and farther between than ever before. They are of the old guard. They've been replaced by the 7-minute and 8-minute (jettisoned from the Abs video company) , and THEY can't touch you. Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly cheeky (I'm in the UK right now - forgive me), I stand outside my car at the 8 minute mark and taunt them. When they get close enough to see the meter with 12 minutes left, I can watch them cry and wish they stayed in parking school.
Don't forget about the 30-minute parking police who can only stand-by and wait, looking at their watches, while ultimately being you'll never go ten minutes past. Of course the 30-minute police are a sad lot and should be pitied.  Now the 45 are a whole different story...crazy sons of....

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