Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PARKING WARS by Kelley Lynn

Dear Stupid Ass Questions:  I got a parking ticket while driving a rental car. When I returned the car to the rental agent I gave her the ticket and told her that her car got a ticket. She got real mad and told me I’m an idiot and it was mine to pay. I just left it there and walked away. My question is, should I ever rent a car from them again if they don’t pay their parking tickets?
Kelley: Absolutely not! Sounds to me like your rental company is trying to lay the blame of the ticket solely on you. You wouldn't have even been in that spot had the stupid GPS that they installed in the car not directed you to go there, correct?  Chances are, you are in a city you are not familiar with. I have lived in NYC for years and I STILL don't know what the hell "No Standing" means. I once had a rental car towed because I parked it on the wrong side of the street on a Wednesday. Rent-A-Car  wanted me to pay the tow bill, but it wasn't my fault they rented a car to me on a Wednesday ... Just because I came in on a Wednesday ...and asked for a rental on a Wednesday .... It's just bad customer service; and they aren't even trustworthy enough to take responsibility. Take your business elsewhere.

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