Friday, July 20, 2012

MUSIC MAN by Rose A. Valena

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: Several years ago I was in a local theater production of, The Music Man, and fell in love with the white shoes I wore with my costume. I wear them all the time now and have been ridiculed by those less fashionable for my wardrobe gaffes. When is the appropriate, "season", for wearing white shoes? (I consider myself a bit of a clotheshorse so your answer is important to me).

Size does matter so click picture to enlarge

ROSE: Before it became The Music Man, the play was called, And There I Stood With My Piccolo. So, in order to be authentic you must buy a piccolo and always carry it while wearing the white shoes. It is a fine tradition and chic theatre fashion. You can tell your critics that your outfit was created by Italian designer, Ottavino. It’s all about taking classy fashion to a whole new level. Think Vivaldi! Those less fortunate than you only wear white shoes during summer - how boring. Anyone with any fashion sense at all can plainly see how well 10” inches of snow in winter compliments white shoes. You are a trend setter, my dear.

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