Thursday, July 12, 2012


Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I joined a book club because I heard they serve food and alcohol. This past week I was asked to host a book club event. I don’t want to because I’d have to supply food and alcohol. Should I start  stock piling some of the food and alcohol from others until it’s my turn? I could bring a big bag with some Tupperware containers. They always have leftovers so I’ll be doing them a favor.  
Size does matter so click picture to enlarge
DEL: DON’T DARE DO THAT!  Instead, break into a liquor store in a neighborhood close to the person that hosted the last event.  Before you break in, be sure to be dressed like that person with a bag over your head (and it’d be great if you could steal their car first).  Get the finest liquors and knick knacks and then leave their car parked outside the liquor store.  At the next event, you will wait for someone to ask you where’s that person and explains how it’s so sad they’re in jail and how you just never “know” a person.

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