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What's Going Down?July, 2012
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Hey hey hey!

You know every once and a while, I gotta send you an email.  I keep saying I'm going to start sending these things out regularly but I'm not.  Hey, my bday just passed and as I get older, I'm telling myself the truth more.  Anywhoo, so much to tell you, so much going on!  First of all,how are youuuuuuu?  I hope you are fabulous and using every minute in the day to celebrate your blessings.  God is SO Good! 

I got the lead role in an independent feature film debuting this fall, called "Famika vs. the Tea Party" (sneak preview below); I'm hosting a pilot episode called The Reality Rockout, and Another Sketch Comedy Show is still tickling everybody's funny bone. Plus, I'm sharpening my vocal cords preparing to sing my heart out on some major stages soon and OF COURSE, I'm still doing standup.  You know I ain't NEVA quitting that. 

You know as people I know pass away, it has really made me realize how precious life is as well as "up'ed" my determination to enjoy every minute of it.  It has also encouraged me to get busier.  And I'm happy to be getting that accomplished.  Life is great, if you let it be and I hope you know this too.  Check out all the goings-on below. Mwahhh, Del
The Reality Rockout (
Love and Hip Hop Atlanta - Reality Rock Out - Episode 2
Love and Hip Hop Atlanta - Reality Rock Out - Episode 2
Okay, so I responded to a casting from MC3 Studios.  They were looking to build a pilot show, starting as a webisode, around someone who is a host and producer.  So, of course, I responded with a "you got the right one ba-bay~~~"!  Reality Rockout gives you the funny scoop on what's going down with the popular urban reality shows.  We are focusing on Love & Hip Hop ATL, first and more as we work out the kinks.  I'm having so much fun though and I love the way it's turning out. Let me know what you think. 

Famika vs. the Tea Party
Famika vs. the Tea Party
"CAN ONE WASHED UP FLYGIRL STOP THE TEA PARTY TO SAVE OBAMA?" (Maija DiGiorgio, Del Harrison, Greer Barnes, Jim Norton, Rich Vos, Jim David, Vanessa Hollingshead, Heather McConnell, Antonio Nigro and more )

Click here for a SNEAK PEAK 

This movie is hilarious. 
Set in the year 2008, Famika vs. the Tea Party is about a washed-up fly girl who is trying to blow up in effort to keep her boyfriend but gets entangled with some members of the Tea Party--who want to keep the "minorities" aboard their tour, so people won't think their racist.  I'm playing Famika's best friend Shaqwanda, Sister Souljah flygirl-turned ACLU attorney who has to come and save her.  It is super funny and we've already shot a lot of the scenes but HERE'S WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP!  I NEED YOU TO LIKE THE FACEBOOK PAGE ASAP. WE NEED THE HITS and it only takes a sec.Here's the link:
is still on & popping.  Check out some of our sketches and please subscribe!  We're trying to get a million hits so we can get it on TV.  Can you please help by subscribing?  New sketch coming this week but until then: here's some blast from the past!

Please subscribe. Comment. Share.
Thank you 
I can't thank you enough for how you have supported me over the years and how you have believed in me, advised me, booked me, encouraged me and always sent me your positive energy.  Thank you for your love.  May God Bless Continue To Bless You, Del


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