Thursday, July 19, 2012

BUSTED by Rose A. Valenta

Dear Stupid Ass Questions:  I bought a shirt for my friend as a gift... recently she has been telling me how thin she is and about how much weight she has lost on her weight watchers diet and keeps saying that I should join weight watchers too.  It's really pissing me off that she’s bragging and basically is telling me I'm fat... should I buy the shirt in a size XXL also and switch the tags so that she thinks she's fatter than hell again and will shut up?

Size does matter so click picture to enlarge
ROSE: No, you should buy her a bra in her old bra size to show her how much of her voluptuous former self she has lost. Tell her you are going on a new Sofia Vergara diet that will not decrease your vixen-like bust size. Then, people won’t point and stare at you asking why you left the twins at home.

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