Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NO SPIN SYNDROME by Rose A. Valenta

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: Why do they call this stuff,(that everybody seems to be doing these days), Dope? These folks that are into it don't seem the slightest bit dopey to me and they are quite calm and at times very knowledgeable.

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ROSE: It is the wrong terminology. The only way to actually plant “dope” is to bury a news anchor. The term originated from airplane glue, when all the airheads sniffed their way into oblivion along with Leslie Nielsen at 40,000 feet. In today’s culture, watching too much Fox News accomplishes the same result. It’s called No-spin Syndrome. You get high and dopey, with a false sense of balance, but don’t really spin out of control unless you are watching Bill O’Reilly bitch-slap an American icon to sell coffee mugs with his picture on them. You have better coffee mugs with your picture on them, but it would cost you $150,000 in airtime to sell them on The Factor.


Cathy Turney said...

This is hilarious and soooo true, Rose!
Cathy Turney

Sharon said...

Cathy said it!! You go, Rose.