Monday, July 9, 2012

ORPHANED by Del Harrison

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: While I’m at work I go online and look at funny sites like yours. It makes me laugh out loud. My boss got real mad at me the other day. He stormed out and said, “If you would stop going online you might get work done on time”. I li  ed to him and said I wasn’t online, I have tourettes syndrome. That lie worked out so well I was thinking of telling him I’m an orphan. What do you think? 

Size does matter so click picture to enlarge

DELYah, I’d go with it! In fact, don’t just stop there. Tell him the reason you’re an orphan is because your grandparents killed your parents and you’re the last person living to carry on the family name and the doctor said you may not be able to reproduce with your current significant other who may leave you if you guys can’t afford to get some fertility treatment. If that doesn’t work, sue him for discrimination against you because of your “personal confession”. If you lose the law suit, kill your boss.

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