Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HARVEY! by Barb Best

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: Recently while on Facebook a "friend" said to me, "Next time I go to the lake I'll take you". It's been a month now and he hasn't called. Should I just show up at his house with my family? Do you think I should bring food or will he have everything prepared? And does it matter that I really don’t know him?
BARB: Sure, honey. Knock yourself out all day in the hot kitchen. Spare no expense. I would also invite ALL your FB friends and their families, too. While you’re at it, add your other social network pals to the guest list. The more the merrier!
BTW, “he” isn’t your friend. He doesn’t have a cool house on the lake. He probably isn’t even a “he.” Geez, it used to be that only clinically lonely kids and certified psychotics had imaginary friends. Now every sad goofball on Facebook has a bevy of BFFs.  “Harvey” ring a bell?

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Anonymous said...

This is funny! It is also thought-provoking -- It makes me think about how social media makes it possible for people to impersonate others -- like that New Yorker cartoon where the dog is on the computer!! Ha ha.