Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Dear Stupid Ass Questions & Dan, I recently lost a friend over a joke I told about them at one of my recent stand up comedy routines. I don't get it. Should I have maybe left their name out of the joke?
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DAN: If a “friend” gets upset just because of your incredibly insensitive joke, they were not a friend to begin with. You need only be concerned with one thing: did the joke get a laugh? If so, keep it in the routine. If not, get rid of it like it got rid of that fake friend of yours. Either way, that joke’s serving a purpose.
One lesson I’ve learned in life is that people are fickle. I’m estranged from many friends, family members, patients, and pets because I’ve posted stories using details from their personal lives on my blog. Apparently, these thin-skinned technophobes don’t understand how blogs work, how blogs need entertaining, salacious gossip to increase Internet traffic and “buzz” in order to get a book deal.
I do know what it’s like not to be forgiven because of a joke, though. I once recounted an especially graphic rendition of “The Aristocrats” joke in front of a captive audience and was immediately asked to leave the room. And to this day, I have not been asked back to teach another Sunday school class.

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