Friday, October 28, 2011

GOOD ADVICE by Jordan Wieleba

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: As a doctor I find people always asking for free advice and it's really making me mad. Should I give them the wrong advice to teach them a lesson?
JORDAN: From what I understand, you are wanting to give people fake advice to teach them a lesson? If you are reading, have read, or are planning on reading any advice I have given to people on StupidAssQuestions, you will learn that fake advice is the best advice.  My suggestion? Trick it up a little.  Give them a recipe for parmesan-crusted tilapia or teach them how to change a spark plug.  When they look back at you with a blank stare, just tell them you learned it from a drunken squirrel wearing pajama jeans and eat a banana with your ear.  Then maybe they’ll stop asking your advice. 

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