Monday, September 5, 2011

Witch Craft-E-Ness by Andy Gold


Dear Stupid Ass Questions: How come women are way more clever than men? 

ANDY: Great question! Woman are way more clever than men out of necessity. You see woman possess no real praiseworthy attributes and have had to develop the trait of being clever. Woman for centuries and centuries could only hope to get by on their looks to be an acceptable part of society. Sadly many woman were born ugly and had to move to the countryside and become witches. This helped to pass the boredom, but was an inconvenient lifestyle as they were often burned to death.  It wasn't until the the last 100 years or so, that woman developed a mental capacity that was equal to men. However this was not enough to get equal rights so, woman developed the trait of being clever. Much more clever than men. Because of this development we have seen woman like Roseanne and many other ugly woman achieve success. However attractive woman are still, usually very stupid. Occasionally however, because of a mutation in the woman's chromosome there is a woman who is attractive and smart. And that's the story of the prenuptial agreement. Thanks a lot and I hope I was helpful!


Jerry Mabbott said...

Brilliant! Oh, and I would like to offer a personal suggestion. Hire a body guard. In this age, women can also kick some butt!

Anonymous said...

This answer is so damn clever, I'm surprised a woman didn't write it!