Friday, September 2, 2011

Get Your Priorities Straight by Rose A. Valenta

Dear StupidAssQuestions: I've been distressed over the sinking economy, political dysfunction, global chaos, the Arab spring, nuclear winter, famine in Africa, Al Gore's angst, and my inability to tame that pesky cowlick terrorizing my cool new celebrity hairstyle. Do you think I should just say no to cable TV (except for my faves "The Kardashians" and "New Jersey Housewives" ) and stop worrying my pointy head over the stupid newsy things?

ROSE: Most of the things you watch on cable news have little or no direct impact on your personal life, nor will they cure the cowlick. So what if Judge Jeanine likes to apply nail polish while interviewing Mark Fuhrman about his expert opinion regarding lying under oath during a criminal trial; and so what if Nancy Grace was once considered for the role of Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback during auditions for a Harry Potter movie. Your cowlick is more important, right? Stop worrying.


Sharon said...

That's right. Hair above all else.

MissedCongeniality said...

The best "new celebrity hairstyle" to be wearing these days is the 'Alfalfa'. Google it, wear it as your do, and cowlick-be-gone!

Ann Imig said...

Thank you for setting me straight. Phew.