Friday, June 21, 2013

PATRIOTIC by Sean Cirone

Dear Stupid Ass Questions & Sean, I know this might sound silly, but I am very patriotic and want people to know. Should I wear red, white and blue to do my laundry on the 4th of July?

Size DOES matter so click picture to enlarge

SEAN: Why yes that sounds like a most splendid idea since most of your clothes will be made in china and what is more patriotic than that? Also for an added flair may I suggest painting your face in red, white and blue with untested lead based paints, sporting a few glow sticks filled with phosphorus liquids and maybe even inserting live sparklers into the base of your scalp. Nothing yells devotion to the country  more than a fellow citizen engulfed in fire due to combustible material.  Do not let the stares of the less patriotic divert you from your calling.

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