Thursday, September 20, 2012

DOG DAYS by Julie Kitayama

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: Err… I know this could be a bit hard for those who cant count to 100...but If a human year is seven to a dog, how many years is a human to God's year if he can grow a tree in one day?

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JULIE: That is a good and tricky question especially since some cultures worship dogs including the Kalangas, Harranians and the Nosarii.  So that begs the question what is a day to a dog? It’s 3.42857143 hours.   

So how many human years are in God’s year?  None.  God is beyond days, years, month and seconds.  God is the keeper of time.  He hoards it in a bucket and distributes as he sees fit.   Ever have one of those days that’s gone faster than butterscotch candy in an old folks home? Or one of those days that seems to last forever like a bad Tom Cruise movie?  That’s god messing with you.  

So don’t waste the dog days of summer trying to figure it out.  Time flies, seize the day and go with god.

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