Monday, March 18, 2013

HOOTERS by Joel West

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I am very much overweigh & can’t seem to get a job. So I thought I would apply for a job at hooters & then sue them when they don’t hire me. Or, should I go there and burn myself on their wings & sue for that?

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Dear Hootie:
While I understand that this may come as a bit of a shock to you, what you are describing is not called job searching. It has no resemblance to work of any sort. What you are describing is called 'scamming'. Perhaps a small lesson is in order. A 'job' is a place where a person goes every day and does what is commonly called “work” creating goods or providing services. At the end of the week, at a job, the boss gives you something called a 'pay cheque', which you may then take to the bank and deposit to save money, or cash, so as to receive money. This is hugely different than when the lawyer asks you to sign the settlement and then hands you the lump sum payment, which is what it seems you are used to. I suggest that if this is all you have to offer society at this point, that you might start looking at 'jobs' like 'pharmaceutical company guinea pig' or 'sailing ship ballast'.

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