Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Dear Stupid Ass Questions: My friend just went in the hospital for an operation. I called and said I would be coming by for a visit and bringing her a surprise. So I baked cookies. Of course I had to try one just to make sure it tasted ok. I ended up eating the whole dozen. Do you think I could pretend I didn’t know she was ever in the hospital? She was having gastric bypass surgery so maybe cookies weren’t the best idea anyway.

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Felix: Dear Surprise, 
This chick just had Gastric Bypass Surgery, throwing cookies in her face wasn’t the brightest idea to begin with. She has no idea what you were going to bring. For all she knows you’re the surprise. That’s how I would play it out. Just bust through the door and start yelling “Surprise, I’m here!” If she asks if you brought her anything just say “yes... I brought you my friendship.”

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