Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RIP by Kyle Ploof

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: My friends mom passed away so I bought a sympathy card to mail to her. As I was putting it together I remembered I owe her $5.00. Is it ok to put the cash in there too or will she think that it’s a donation for her mother’s passing? I don’t want to get gypped and have to pay her again. Maybe I should put in a yellow sticky note on the inside of the card.

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Kyle: Ah, the old “My-friend’s-mom-just-died-and-I-totally-remembered-I-owe-her-some-cash” dilemma.  We’ve all been there.  Here’s what I would do.  First, and least importantly, write a small “sorry for your loss” message.  Then, on a yellow sticky note write how sorry you are about not getting the money you owed her back to her fast enough.  (Remember, this situation is about YOU.)  Put four single dollar bills  and tape two quarters and five dimes-- in the shape of a frowney face :( to the inside.  Follow these instructions, and I promise you-- you’ll never have to worry about paying her back again. 

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