Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SWITCHED by Anna Lefler

Dear Stupid Ass Questions:  My best friend just got an award for one of her pieces of artwork.  I entered the same show, but only got a “GOOD TRY.”  She doesn’t know the results yet, so should I switch the two awards and just be all like, “Oh, I’m so sorry better luck next time?”  She’s really not too bright.
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Anna: Yes, that sounds like a good plan.  Because everyone will totally believe that your macramé Magnum P.I. plant holder beat out your friend’s tear-inducing sculpture of Madonna and Child.

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The Empress said...

Anna, you have to tell this person this is wrong.

She just doesn't know.
It's up to people like us to let people like that know what's right from wrong.

Like when we see people not wash their hands after they go to the bathroom.

Yuk. I know.