Thursday, December 29, 2011


Dear Stupid Ass Question: Recently, the meth lab I was working for got shut down by the cops. Do you think I could just make it in the bathroom at Walmart? Have you ever seen the chamber of secrets, Harry Potter? And do you remember where they make that potion in the girls bathroom? Well... that was illegal and they didn't get caught!

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SHARI: Unfortunately, that was in the UK.  They overlook those types of things when it involves an underage party.  Let's just say pounds talk.  Truth be told, the potion was actually a feminine product made strictly for Hermione when it was you know, "her monthly visit".  If you should decide to make the meth in the bathroom at Walmart, you're going to have to make it in extra large quantities, enough to kill a family of 10.   Sam Walmart is long dead and gone, so he'll never know...

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