Monday, December 5, 2011

ADDAMS FAMILY vs. THE MUNSTERS by Jennifer Anderson

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: Can you settle a dispute between my wife and me? I maintain that "The Addams Family" was way funnier than "The Munsters." My wife says, "Why should I listen to the opinions of a man dumb enough to drop his Blackberry in the hot tub?" 

JENNIFER: Ok..let me explain.  The Addams Family was a wonderful 1960 comedy that showed the typical American Family, with all its’ typical American values as men would like them to have been.  A sexy wife who stays home and takes care of his every need, two children who refer to him as “Father” and hang on his every word as if it were full of wisdom. He also had living in his perfect, opulent, home, his favorite Uncle and his Mother.  They defer to him as the head of the house and always side with him.  He has a butler to do all the work.  On top of that, he’s incredibly rich! Pretty nice life, huh?  That’s why men loved that show. That’s why it was a comedy and it only lasted a few years.  Now you have the Munsters, who live in a crumbling home, a guy with a blue collar job at the mortuary, a father-in-law who, oddly enough, is a vampire, so he sucks the life out of you, a son who knows his father is an idiot and a wife who, in spite of everything, still loves her husband, knowing all the while he is the biggest boob in the world and so dumb he can’t be trusted to put the toilet paper up right, let alone with a Blackberry.  This is why women love the Munsters.  It is, in fact, a reality show and it lasted many years longer than the Addams Family, and even went into movies.

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