Wednesday, August 12, 2015

ON THE LAMB by Gina Marie Rittale

Dear Stupid Ass Questions & Gina Marie, I use my fingers for so many things like, my iPhone & laptop mouse etc. I think it’s rubbed off my fingertips. Do you think if I robbed a bank I’d get away with it...... I need the money.

Size DOES matter so click on pic to enlarge

Gina Marie:  You know what? I always have wondered about that.  Actually, you may be on to something.  Why don’t we partner up.  Two heads are better than one.  I mean without fingertips robbing the bank is a win win situation.  Also, with me by your side we’ll never get convicted.  Something about being double jeopardized.  Been there, done it, and could have made millions.  If I had only thought about the Orange is the New Black concept myself from my own history in the clink.  

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