Monday, August 3, 2015

LAW SUIT by D.J. Paris

Dear Stupid Ass Questions & DJ Paris, The company I work for requires that I submit my travel expenses once a month. By accident I submitted the same one twice. They sent me an email saying it was already paid and, “STOP trying to rip them off”. Do you think that’s grounds for a lawsuit? I mean it sounds like a threat to me.

Size DOES matter so click on pic to enlarge

D.J. Paris, Yes, yes, one thousand times yes! Anyone who ever challenges your character should be held to the full extent of a frivolous lawsuit. Here's what to do. Drive down around the poor area of your town (hint: head south) and look up. It's irrefutable that only the best attorneys advertise on billboards. If you can find one whose dress shirt is rolled up past his elbow exposing a chiseled forearm, that's your man. He'll fight for you. Hell, it's written right there on the billboard!

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