Tuesday, August 11, 2015

CROP CIRCLES by Gina Marie Rittale

Dear Stupid Ass Questions & Gina Marie, While in my back yard the other day I noticed that the wheels of my wheelchair made interesting circles. Very similar to those that look like crop circles. Do you think I could create a crop circle in my yard and charge admission to see it? I mean who would suspect a wheelchair bound person to fake a crop circle.

Size DOES matter so click on pic to enlarge

Gina Marie,  Honey, this sounds like a fabulous idea!  I’ve been looking for a quick way to make some extra cash on the side since recently being let go from my part time job.  Why don’t we meet up and discuss a plan.  We can come up with some wonderful formations and even add a religious twist to it.  Those turbo Christians will be all over this.  I’m thinking we can recreate the images of The Holy Mother, The Last Supper, and also even throw in a likeness of Elvis Presley himself (you know how everyone is always looking for a new sighting). I’m so happy I came up with the idea!  We can make a fortune!!

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