Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Dear Stupid Ass Questions & DJ Paris, I have always wanted to be a dentist, but I heard I’d have to go to college. My brother works for a mortician and he said he’d sneak me in at night to practice on the dead if I kept the lights off so as not to disturb folks. I’m afraid of the dark so what gives off more light a flashlight or my iphone?

Size DOES matter so click pic to enlarge

D.J. Paris, First of all, who has ever asked to see a dentist's medical degree? Nobody. So, don't worry about college. Second, how cool would it be to clean the teeth of a stabbing victim? ONLY THE COOLEST THING EVER. And think about this. The stabbed guy probably has a lot of gashes in his chest and gut, right? You want to draw attention away from the knife fight he was in earlier that day. His family is already devastated, but when they come to examine the body they won't help but be impressed about his new veneers.

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